Chile - Whole Frozen Coho Salmon

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USD / KG, May 20, 2024

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$7.20 /

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Variety: Coho
Grade: Premium Quality
Packaging Type: Carton Box (20kg)
Processed Style: Frozen
Cultivation Type: Farmed
Incoterms: CFR
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A buyer from Portugal finalized a deal with Tridge. (22500 kg)
May 20, 2024

Product Description

Chile is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in the world, and Coho Salmon is one of the country's most important seafood exports. Coho salmon is a species of salmon that is native to the Pacific Ocean, and it is commonly raised in salmon farms in Chilean waters.

According to data from the Chilean Salmon Marketing Council, Chile exported over 200,000 metric tons of Coho salmon in 2020, with a total value of around USD 1.5 billion. The majority of these exports went to markets in the United States, Japan, and Europe, where Coho salmon is highly valued for its firm, pink flesh and rich flavor.

Chilean Coho salmon is known for its high quality and consistency, and it is often preferred by chefs and consumers who are looking for a premium salmon product. Many Chilean salmon farms have implemented measures to ensure the health and welfare of their fish, including the use of sustainable feed and the management of water quality in their pens.
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Premium Quality, Grade Quality, industrial Quality
3-4.5kg (6-9 Ibs)
Bone / Skin
With Bone / Skin
Packaging Type
Carton Box (20, 25 kg)


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Final Products

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Chile Whole Frozen Coho Salmon - coho_salmon_premium_6-9lbs.jpg


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Our Representative in Chile

Victor Valdes
Victor is our representative from Chile and is in charge of getting the most convenient and highest quality of Salmon to our buyers. Victor has wide experience in foreign trade handling Salmon and Seafood, also involved in supply chain management. He is able to identify new opportunities, cultivate and maintain relationships with business partners, and ready to have a quick response or business solution.

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