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Pistachio trees are originally from Middle East and grown especially in Iran where this nut has been consumed for thousand years. Iranian Pistachio are very popular all over the world due to its unique fatty and sweet taste. The Pistachio tree is very resistant to severe whether conditions, also this trees in Iran are grown in regions that have a high temperature during the days(+45c) and very low temperature at nights (-15c). Exactly this feature makes the difference between Iranian pistachio taste among other types from all over the world.

Every 4 kinds of Iranian Pistachio have distinctive and special taste.

Kalleghouchi is well known for its large and rather fat shape that’s why it is called Jumbo. It is round and long and naturally opened with the light cream shell and beautiful appearance. Its delicious taste is due to being fattier than the other kinds of pistachio. This is larger than Fandoghi Pistachio and has the best commercial value.

The following sizes are available:

20/22, 22/24 and 24/26, with 18/20 in small quantities.
Low Quality, Medium Quality, High Quality, Excellent Quality
Grains, Halves, Pieces, Flour, Chopped, Diced, Halves (1/2 Kernel), Whole, Broken
Red, Green
Jumbo - Kallehghouchi, Irani, Fandoghi, Kallehghouchi, Iranian Pistachio - Ahmad Aghaei, Iranian Pistachio - Badami, Iranian - Akbari, Siirt
Dried, Raw
+ 3

Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates are one of the best and most delicious semi-dried dates in the world. This type of date fruit is long and has a brown texture with a thin peel. It is so nutritious and rich in Carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and fiber which is very beneficial for the digestive system. It is known all over the world as a chocolate date because it tastes like toffee and caramel and is chewable.

The most interesting thing about Piarom dates is that its sugar is appropriate for people who suffer from Diabetes and is a rich source of potassium that is so necessary for preventing high blood pressure and strengthens the nerves.
Moreover, the date has a high amount of Magnesium that is effective for muscles. Therefore there is a strong reason for eating Piarom date to stay healthy. Piarom is considered as luxurious and most expensive among 400 varieties of dates that are cultivated in Iran. This kind of date is grown organically (without any chemicals), mostly in southern parts of Iran such as Hormozgan and Hajiabad. Due to the fact that Piarom can be stored for a long time and is dry, this type has attracted customer satisfaction from all over the world.
variety: Semi-dry date

Moisture: up to %15

Taste: Sweet (Chocolate flavor)

Original: South of Iran (Haji Abad town)
Box of 1-3-10 kg, Carton Box
GAQ, Medium Quality, High Quality, Excellent Quality, Super Quality, FAQ, Class 1, Extra Class
Roya, Piarom, Mazafati, Medjool
Dried - Semi Dried, Dried - Sun Dried, Fresh, Dried, Frozen
+ 7

Dried Fig

Organic Dried Fig
Our dried fig is the product of Istahban valley that located in southeast of Iran . The soil and climate in there are perfect for growing figs. The hot days in the summer without any irrigation makes the figs to be very sweet and delicious. That is why the athletics should make use of this beneficial product.
A 17-20 mm

AA 20-23 mm

AAA 23-27 mm

Production Capacity
500 /


hazelnut is the fruit of the hazel tree which is mostly grown up in north of Iran. It is also famous as cobnut or filbert nut. This kernel is consumed raw, roasted or grounded into various foods and pastry.Its thin and dark brown skin is peeled before using in cuisine. Hazelnut is the main ingredient of Nutella.

Raw hazelnuts are a rich source of protein, fibre, vitamin E, iron, thiamin, phosphorous, manganese and magnesium. Because hazelnuts have several health benefits especially for kids, they are a great addition to many dishes and used in food industry and making tasty snacks.

Putting hazelnut in your daily diet may improve your health in various ways. It can help to reduce weight gain, support bowel movements, keep away from cell damage, reduce cholesterol and improve insulin resistance.
Types of the product:
Raw Hazelnut in-shell

Hazelnut roasted, in-shell

Natural Hazelnut Kernel,

Blanched Hazelnut Kernel (peeled)

Roasted Hazelnut Kernel

9 –11 mm

11 –13 mm

13 –15 mm

14 –16 mm

based on customer inquiry (1 k , 5 k , 10 k)
Home-grown, Conventional, GMO, Organic, Non-GMO
Medium Quality, High Quality, Excellent Quality, FAQ, First Quality
Polystyrene Box (10kg), Carton Box (20kg), Mesh Bags (50kg), Carton Box
In-shell, Shelled
Levant, Khachmaz, Giresun, Ennis, Barcelona
+ 5


High Quality, Commercial, U.S. Grade A
Polystyrene Box (10kg), Polystyrene Box (3kg), Glass Jar
Large, Medium, Small
Conventional, Non-organic, Organic
Liquid, Crystallized
+ 4

Black Tea

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Carton Box (20kg), Carton Box (15kg), Carton Box (12kg)
Medium, Small
Conventional, Organic
+ 3


Dried Plum


Organic Persian Saffron with Lab certification.
Super Quality from Producer.
Excellent Quality, Premium Quality, FAQ, Grade B, Grade A
Polystyrene Box (10kg), Polystyrene Box (6kg), Polystyrene Box (3kg), Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Vacuum Packed
Large, Medium
Stem, Ground, Pistils, Whole
Pushal, Negin Poushal, Negin, Sargol
+ 4

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