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- Established in 1952, specialized in frozen food products.
- Certified with IFS, ISO 9001: 2000, and BRC.
- Has modern production and storage facilities.
- Implement and continuous improvement of the HACCP quality system.
- Carefully monitor the content of pesticides, mold, yeast, and
bacteria to ensure the safety of our products.
- Ensure the uniformity of a particular varietal range and full control over the plant protection products used.

Company Story


We are a family business. We make sure that the work and contact with our company give a good background for the full experience of a family life. In the company itself, we want relations similar to those that can be found in a good family. Mutual support, care, understanding, but also mutual expectations of a high level of personal culture, mutual relations and work are the most important values for us.

Interpersonal relations have been the most important thing since the foundation of the company. The basis of these values is honesty. We monitor all our activities with the principles of honesty and credibility. We are guided by integrity towards states and their legal systems, business partners, employees and products. We employ employees legally, we pay taxes, we do not steal, we do not corrupt.

Maintaining the highest quality and safety of products is not only our duty and responsibility, but also our passion and purpose. We involve all employees of the company to understand the quality.

Our goal is to be able to say one day that all employees work in the quality department. We are demanding and reliable.

Our mission is to undertake only those activities that will be done well. We acquire and maintain customers through the highest standard of products and service. In all relations we are guided by our values: family, honesty and quality.

'Better none than bad.' This motto motivates us in fulfilling our daily professional duties.

The primary goal of our company is the production of frozen food that meets the needs and

expectations of customers and guarantees their full satisfaction. We make every effort to ensure

that our products:

are safe from a health point of view

are in accordance with the nutritional law regulations

meet expectations in terms of stability and repeatability of features

RUN Chlodnia is divided into 5 businesses with 5 separate production facilities to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, which specialize in certain products. The 5 businesses of Run Chlodnia are as follows:-

1. RUN Fruits and Veg- Run Fruits and Veg is the first business for Run Chlodnia which began the production and manufacturing of high-quality deep-frozen fruits and veg. The fruits and veg which we produce are sour cherries, black and red currants, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, broccoli and cauliflower. Our main clients for sour cherries are from China, the USA, Canada, east and west Europe. We produce at least 2000 metric tons of sour cherries per year. Sour cherries can be used in a variety of ways such as in cakes and other desserts.

2. RUN Golden America- Run Golden America began specializing in the production and manufacturing of sweet corn and super sweet corn cobs in 1992. We are one of the biggest producers of corn cobs in Europe. Our farms are extremely large covering over 1000 hectares. Our cobs can be ordered as a whole corn cob, half corn cob or mini corn cob. We have been working with KFC for over 20 years supplying them with corn cobs in the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. We are currently manufacturing around 7000 metric tons a year, but this amount can greatly be affected by the weather.

3. RUN Herbs- Run Herbs has been involved in the production of frozen herbs since 2014. The herbs which we produce are parsley, dill, chives, basil, mint, coriander and spring onion. The herbs can be used in a multitude of ways including soups, pizzas, dairy products and much more. The herbs are deep frozen at ultra-low temperatures locking in the freshness and aroma of the herbs. Our factory’s current production capacity is around 1000 – 1100 metric tons per year, however plans to increase the production facilities are in play which will allow us to double the production rate to around 2200 to 2400 metric tons per year.

4. RUN Roulades- Run roulades has been specializing in the manufacturing of hand-made meat rolls and stuffed cabbage for over 40 years. The production of the rolls are extremely versatile and the stuffing can be modified according to the customer’s needs. Run roulades is proud to have worked with many well-known international brands such as Heinz, Campbell’s, Ikea and Apetito. Our roulades are being used in ready-made meals which can be heated in the microwave, and also are being packed in cans with different sauces. The roulades are especially popular among the German market. During the Christmas period we use special meats such as deer meat as a specialty during this festive time. The current production capability is around 11.5 million pieces per year which is around 1200 metric tons a year.

5. RUN Kebabs- Run Kebabs is a new enterprise for Run Chlodnia. Run Kebabs was established in 2013 with the ‘Gold’ brand. The ‘Gold’ brand has become a household name in Italy. Run Kebabs specialize in the manufacturing of high quality kebab meat. The most important part of the manufacturing of kebab meat is the origin of the raw materials. The meat which is used in our kebabs can be traced back right down to the farm where the animals were bred. We hold extremely strict standards in which our suppliers must adhere to. Another important part is that our raw materials are all dry materials. The use of dry materials ensures that the meat during cooking will not lose its flavor and juiciness, also impacts a higher efficiency per kg. Our kebabs are prepared with a unique Kurdish recipe which is extremely tasty. The kebabs come in a variety of flavors; chicken (thigh), chicken & turkey (thigh), turkey/veal, minced beef with flank. Our kebabs come in different sizes depending on the needs of the customer. They can also come raw or pre-roasted. The use of chicken and turkey thigh instead of breast ensures that the meat stays juicy and moist. Our current production of kebabs is around 300 metric tons a month and 3600 metric tons per year.

Run Chlodnia holds quality extremely high and has international certificates from BRC, IFS, GLOBAL G.A.P., KOSHER, HALAL. Strict quality control is in place at all times and all employees are educated in the importance of quality control. We currently have around 500 employees during peak seasons and around 380 during other times.

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RUN-CHŁODNIA we Włocławku Sp. z o.o.
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Business registration number: KRS 0000026524, REGON 910870225, NIP 8882420807
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Manufacturers of high quality frozen food since 1952
Manufacturers of high quality frozen food since 1952
Sweet corn collection
Sweet corn collection season 2014
RUN Chłodnia with the Caietanus Foundation for sick children.
RUN Chłodnia with the Caietanus Foundation for sick children.
Tree shaker
Collection of sour cherries, August 2019
Products of RUN Chlodnia
Products of RUN Chlodnia



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Company Details
RUN-CHŁODNIA we Włocławku Sp. z o.o.
PL flagPoland

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