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Our coffee coming from Honduras SHG/EP is widely appealing thanks to mild, sweet, and clean flavors, with notes of chocolate, nuts, and tropical fruit.

It is completely Organic and has been analyzed with the follows scores
Aroma 7.25, Flavour 7.25; Acidity 7.25; Body 7.25; Uniformity 10; clean cup 10; Dry 7; Break 7; Aftertaste 7; Intensity 6.25; Level 7; Balance 7; Sweet 10 and Defects 0
This coffee of ours also has a hint of marzipan clean aftertaste.
Medium Body, Caramel, Fruity, Nutty
Carton Box (20kg), Carton Box (15kg), Carton Box (12kg), Carton Box (6kg), Carton Box (3kg)
Powder, Ground - Medium, Ground - Medium Coarse, Ground, Whole Beans
+ 8


Ethiopian Coffee
Our coffee was discovered by Kaldi, an Abyssinian goat herder from Kaffa, while herding his goats through a highland area near a monastery. He noticed that they were behaving very strangely that day, and had begun to jump around in an excited manner, bleating loudly and practically dancing on their hind legs. He found that the source of the excitement was a small shrub with bright red berries. Curiosity took hold and he tried the berries for himself.

Like his goats, Kaldi felt the energizing effects of the coffee cherries. After filling his pockets with the red berries, he rushed home to his wife, and she advised him to go to the nearby monastery in order to share these "heaven-sent" berries with the monks there.

Upon arrival at the monastery, Kaldi's coffee beans were not greeted with elation, but with disdain. One monk called Kaldi's bounty "the Devil's work" and tossed it into a fire. However the aroma of the roasting beans was enough to make the monks give this novelty a second chance. They removed the coffee beans from the fire, crushed them to put out the glowing embers, and covered them with hot water in an ewer in order to preserve them.

All the monks in the monastery smelled the aroma of the coffee and came to try it out. Much like the tea-drinking Buddhist monks of China and Japan, these monks found that coffee's uplifting effects were beneficial in keeping them awake during their spiritual practice (in this case, prayer and holy devotions). They vowed that from then on they would drink this newfound beverage each day as an aid to their religious devotions.

We only source our organic coffee with scores 80 and up and it is really special coffee berry flavour. We roast our coffee until it has a very fresh look and feel.

We can roast and package 1000kgs of coffee every 20 days as it stands. We roast fresh in small batches.
Carton Box (20kg), Carton Box (12kg), Carton Box (6kg), Carton Box (3kg)
Large, Medium, Small
Ethiopia Lekempti
+ 9

Organic Honey

We are currently the second largest organic honey producer in Sub-Saharan Africa. Providing bulk honey in drums, and retail/catering packaged solutions (both white label and own branded). All our honey is organic and comes from Forest or Game Reserves in Western Tanzania. The forest reserves are untouched by any agriculture, livestock keeping or timber harvesting. We have full traceability to each hive and every bucket that honey was harvested in. Full analysis is available for all batches

We have two flavours
Our Miombo Blossom variety is named after the Miombo woodland in which it is harvested. As the dominant woodland type in East Africa, miombo forests have an array of flowering trees, shrubs and grasses. All this floral variety is combined by the bees to create a unique flavour of honey. Miombo Blossom is produced from June to September at the end of the long rains, when the forest bursts into flowers and the bees can make honey while the sun shines.
Miombo Blossom is an amber honey which has a strong flavour, alike many tropical honeys, but with a distinctly sweet floral taste and a touch of citrus. It is richer than many other amber honeys on the market due to the large array of flowering plants in the Miombo woodlands. The honey has a strong bouquet which is suggestive of the wild forest flowers it comes from.

Honeydew honey is a type of honey made from the sugar-rich liquid exuded by aphids (insects feeding on plant sap) - the honeydew! Our Miombo honeydew is named after the miombo woodland where it is harvested, which is the dominant woodland type in East Africa. It is collected during the short rainy season between October and December.
Miombo Honeydew is a dark amber honey: as dark as the African night, it has rich, floral flavours with a woody, decadent taste. It is a must in the kitchen of cooking lovers who seek for deep and unique culinary experiences.
Like all our honey, Miombo Honeydew comes from traditional beekeepers with hives deep in gazetted forest and game reserves in Western Tanzania.

No pesticides, no foreign chemicals, just pure unadulterated organic honey. Our company is certified to EU and USDA NOP standards and we adhere to HACCP food safety standards. With traceability right back to the beekeeper in the forest, the honey which gets to you is raw, pure, and delicious.

As the largest private sector employer in the region we have an opportunity to provide good paying jobs in a region and country where they are rare. We choose to invest in women.
We have over 50% female employees in our processing facility; including positions in management and the founding director team held by women.
We also facilitate and train a Women Entrepreneurs Group on how to run their own small businesses.
Production Capacity
1,000 /
Export Volume
1,000 /

Rooibos Tea

Our rooibos is renowned in the Northern Cape of South Africa for its superior quality because it is grown at high altitude, rooted in sandstone and surrounded by some of the most unique and charming flowers in the world, Our Tea has a bushy earthly taste with sweet notes and aromatic nose.

We can supply 5000 tons per year of this certified and tested organic rooibos tea as well as 25000 tons non organic rooibos tea.

We have received ECOCERT Certification, Rainforest Alliance Certification, JAS Certification.

We are committed to sustainable farming, as the climate crisis would destroy this vulnerable land and the fynbos belt is one of the most unique, biodiverse regions in the world. As part of our commitment to the area, upliftment and empowerment is also integral to our way. Our tea gatherers have often been picking for many generations, and their livelihood is connected to ours.

Media coverage on our tea
Powder, Leaves
As per customer's request
South Africa
Production Capacity
50,000 /
+ 1

Honey from Zambia

our honey is tested, analyzed by 3 international food science laboratories. our honey has won international awards including Great Taste awards as well as Gold and Silver Awards for London International Honey Awards. Our Hives are hoisted 20-30 feet into our trees and only come down 2x a year for harvesting.
High Quality, Excellent Quality, Commercial, U.S. Grade A, Premium Quality
Carton Box (20kg), Carton Box (12kg), Glass Jar
Dark Amber, Golden
+ 6

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