How can I delete or edit my post or comment?

You can delete or edit your post or comment by clicking on the View More icon on the right side of your post. Click Edit or Delete to perform either action.

How are views counted for posts?

Views are counted based on how many times the post is seen. If a user views a post multiple times, this will count as multiple views. Actions such as scrolling through the feed or browsing through search results that display the post on the screen will also count as a view.

What does the check mark next to the company name mean?

The verification check mark signifies that this company is verified by Tridge. Tridge verifies the identity of the company either by reviewing whether the company has registered through a Tridge-verified corporate email domain or by reviewing the company’s business registration certificate and confirming that the company has been acknowledged and certified by valid institutions worldwide.

Can I customize my feed?

You may customize your feed by following different users so that the users activities may be prioritized on your feed. You may follow the user by clicking Follow on the user card.

I encountered disturbing contents on my feed. How can I report it?

You may report disturbing contents on the feed by clicking the View More icon on the right side of the post. Click Report and select the reason why you want to report the post’s contents. Leave a remark for any more details you want to deliver to the Tridge team. Click Submit and our team will review the contents and take the appropriate actions.

What are verification details?

Verification details are additional information that you can refer to further validate the company’s identity firsthand. Verification details consist of basic sources such as company website, SNS account, and business registration number, which are open for inspection. Verification details also includes information about what types of documents the company submitted for review. The documents reviewed section will only show documents that have been submitted and thus approved after reviewed directly by our staff. However, please always remember to use your best judgement before engaging in a business deal.

I encountered a technical error during a video call. How can I troubleshoot video call errors?

If you encounter a technical error during a video call please try to refresh the meeting page first as it might be due to an internet connection issue. If the meeting page still shows an error, please report the error through contact support.

What happened to business cards and my contact history?

Due to the launch of Social Marketplace in September 2023, the business card feature is no longer available. You can view your past contact history in the Activities page of your Buyer dashboard.

Where can I see the RFQs that I created and whether or not I received any quotes from suppliers?

You may view the list of RFQs you created and manage any quotes from suppliers on the RFQ page of the Buyer Dashboard.

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