Harmonized System Codes

Explore detailed information about the global exports and imports of all 6-digit Harmonized System Codes. You can discover details including export/import trends, prices, top countries, products, and suppliers.
01 Live animals02 Meat and edible meat offal03 Fish and seafood04 Dairy produce05 Animal originated products06 Trees and other plants07 Vegetables08 Fruit and nuts09 Coffee, tea, mate and spices10 Cereals11 Products of the milling industry12 Oil seeds and grains13 Lac14 Vegetable plaiting materials15 Fats and oils16 Meat and fish preparations17 Sugars and sugar confectionery18 Cocoa and cocoa preparations19 Preparations of cereals, flour, starch or milk20 Preparations of vegetables, fruit, and nuts21 Miscellaneous edible preparations22 Beverages, spirits and vinegar23 Food industries, residues and wastes24 Tobacco25 Salt26 Ores, slag and ash27 Mineral fuels and oils28 Inorganic chemicals29 Organic chemicals30 Pharmaceutical products31 Fertilizers32 Tanning or dyeing extracts33 Perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations34 Soap, organic surface-active agents35 Albuminoidal substances36 Explosives37 Photographic or cinematographic goods38 Chemical products39 Plastics40 Rubber41 Raw hides, skins, and leather42 Articles of leather43 Furskins44 Wood45 Cork46 Basketware and wickerwork47 Waste and scrap of paper48 Paper and paperboard49 Printed books, newspapers, and pictures50 Silk51 Wool, fine or coarse animal hair52 Cotton53 Vegetable textile fibres54 Man-made filaments55 Man-made staple fibres56 Wadding57 Carpets58 Fabrics59 Textile fabrics60 Fabrics61 Apparel; knitted or crocheted62 Apparel; not knitted or crocheted63 Rags64 Footwear65 Headgear66 Umbrellas, walking-sticks, seat sticks, whips, riding crops67 Prepared feathers and down68 Stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica69 Ceramic products70 Glass and glassware71 Natural cultured pearls72 Iron and steel73 Iron or steel articles74 Copper75 Nickel76 Aluminium78 Lead79 Zinc80 Tin81 Other metals82 Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal83 Miscellaneous products of base metal84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances85 Electrical machinery and equipment86 Railway87 Vehicles88 Aircraft, spacecraft and parts89 Ships, boats and floating structures90 Optical,and photographical instruments and apparatus91 Clocks and watches92 Musical instruments93 Arms and ammunition94 Furniture95 Toys, games and sports requisites96 Miscellaneous manufactured articles97 Works of art99 Commodities not specified according to kind
03 Fish and seafood0301 Live Fish030110 Ornamental fish, live030191 Trout, live030192 Eels, live030193 Carp, live030199 Fish live, except trout, eel or carp0302 Non-fillet Fresh Fish030211 Trout, fresh or chilled, whole030212 Salmon fresh or chilled, whole030219 Salmonidae, not trout or salmon,fresh or chilled whole030221 Halibut, fresh or chilled, whole030222 Plaice, fresh or chilled, whole030223 Sole, fresh or chilled, whole030229 Flatfish, fresh/chilled not halibut/plaice/sole, whol030231 Tuna(albacore,longfin) fresh or chilled, whole030232 Tuna(yellowfin) fresh or chilled, whole030233 Skipjack,stripe-belly bonito, fresh or chilled, whole030239 Tuna nes, fresh or chilled, whole030240 Herring, fresh or chilled, whole030250 Cod, fresh or chilled, whole030261 Sardines,brisling,sprats, fresh or chilled, whole030262 Haddock, fresh or chilled, whole030263 Coalfish, fresh or chilled, whole030264 Mackerel, fresh or chilled, whole030265 Dogfish and other sharks, fresh or chilled, whole030266 Eels, fresh or chilled, whole030269 Fish nes, fresh or chilled, whole030270 Fish livers and roes, fresh or chilled0303 Non-fillet Frozen Fish030310 Salmon, Pacific, frozen, whole030321 Trout, frozen, whole030322 Salmon Atlantic or Danube, frozen, whole030329 Salmonidae, nes,frozen, whole030331 Halibut, frozen, whole030332 Plaice, frozen, whole030333 Sole, frozen, whole030339 Flatfish except halibut, plaice or sole, frozen, whol030341 Tunas(albacore,longfin), frozen, whole030342 Tunas(yellowfin) frozen, whole030343 Skipjack,stripe-bellied bonito, frozen, whole030349 Tunas nes, frozen, whole030350 Herrings, frozen, whole030360 Cod, frozen, whole030371 Sardines,brisling,sprats, frozen, whole030372 Haddock, frozen, whole030373 Coalfish, frozen, whole030374 Mackerel, frozen, whole030375 Dogfish and other sharks, frozen, whole030376 Eels, frozen, whole030377 Sea bass, frozen, whole030378 Hake, frozen, whole030379 Fish nes, frozen, whole030380 Fish livers and roes, frozen0304 Fish Fillets030410 Fish fillet or meat, fresh or chilled, not liver, roe030420 Fish fillets, frozen030490 Fish meat & mince, except liver, roe & fillets, froze0305 Processed Fish030510 Flours, meals & pellets of fish for human consumption030520 Livers and roes, dried, smoked, salted or in brine030530 Fish fillets, dried, salted or in brine, not smoked030541 Salmon, smoked, including fillets030542 Herrings, smoked, including fillets030549 Smoked fish & fillets other than herrings or salmon030551 Cod dried, whether or not salted but not smoked030559 Dried fish, other than cod, not smoked030561 Herrings, salted or in brine, not dried or smoked030562 Cod, salted or in brine, not dried or smoked030563 Anchovies, salted or in brine, not dried or smoked030569 Fish nes, salted or in brine, not dried or smoked0306 Crustaceans030611 Rock lobster and other sea crawfish, frozen030612 Lobsters (Homarus) frozen030613 Shrimps and prawns, frozen030614 Crabs, frozen030619 Crustaceans nes, frozen,030621 Rock lobster and other sea crawfish not frozen030622 Lobsters (Homarus), not frozen030623 Shrimps and prawns, not frozen030624 Crabs, not frozen030629 Crustaceans nes, not frozen0307 Molluscs030710 Oysters030721 Scallops, live, fresh or chilled030729 Scallops other than live, fresh or chilled030731 Mussels, shelled or not, live, fresh or chilled030739 Mussels, frozen, dried, salted or in brine030741 Cuttle fish, squid, live, fresh or chilled030749 Cuttle fish, squid, frozen, dried, salted or in brine030751 Octopus, live, fresh or chilled030759 Octopus, frozen, dried, salted or in brine030760 Snails, edible (except sea snails)030791 Aquatic invertebrates nes, fresh or chilled, live030799 Aquatic invertebrates nes, frozen or preserved