On-the-Ground Updates

Argentine Anchovy growth and projection 2020

Dan Kleiner
Published May 29, 2020
The Covid-19 effect generated revaluation of canned food as a consumer product.
The possibility that the Argentine industry will adapt to this trend is limited by the lack of stock. The raw material for production is scarce due to a 2019 season with low yields. Last year, just 6,1K tonnes of the Engraulis Anchoita were unloaded, with a year-on-year drop of 30%.
A fact that generates concerns is that for several years fishermen have not found large specimens (greater than 150 mm) in the amount they used to do.
90% of the Buenos Aires anchovy analyzed (2019) was made up of adult individuals (greater than 100 mm in total length); however, 34% was less than 120 mm. Similarly, the youngest (age groups 0 and 1) accounted for a high proportion, just over 38%.
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