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Considered a lost cause nowadays, the latest rains are not expected to save the Moroccan wheat

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Oumaima Bahaddi
Published Apr 14, 2020
"Any rain is always welcome" this is how Moroccan suppliers respond to the latest rainfall and they are enthusiastic about these rains' results on the crops which were much less so for the cereal season, which is clearly already lost due to the drought that has plagued almost the start of the season. "For cereals and legumes, it is a failure." this is how most of the suppliers will respond to the cereals harvest's results this year.
Thus, these rains mainly concern very localized regions and they cannot be considered spring precipitation; so it will not change much for the situation.
The harvest of cereals and pulses is expected to be lost in advance, as these crops are located in Bour zones, which means that they are growing only thanks to the rainfall that was lacking this year.
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