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Date market situation in the UAE

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Oumaima Bahaddi
Published May 25, 2020
The UAE has more than doubled its palm trees to nearly 40 million to become one of the richest nations in the world in terms of date wealth.

The UAE is the fourth-largest exporter of the date fruit globally.
Worth reminding that according to the Dubai Chamber, the value of the emirate’s date trade reached $221 million in 2016. The UAE’s other emirates are also massive producers of dates but Dubai tends to produce nearly 40% of the country’s dates for export.
Their import partners for dates include immediate neighbor Oman and further afield it is North African countries, nations in South East Asia, and Europe. Muslim countries are major consumers of dates but the fruit is also immensely popular in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and France which is one of the largest importers of dates from the UAE. Dates from the emirates also have a massive market share in the United States and Canada.
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