On-the-Ground Update

Mandailing papaya in North Sumatra gains popularity

Fresh Papaya
Innovation & Technology
Supply Chain Management
Arif Sukmawan
Published Jul 2, 2020
Local farmers in Mandailing Regency of North Sumatra province are shifting from to the production of a local variety of papaya called Mandailing papaya. Earlier the farmers were producing rubber, but due to the continuously decreasing price of rubber farmers have shifted their production. The demand for papaya is growing domestically as well as across the border countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Mandailing papaya is a native variety of North Sumatra and has a longer shelflife. It can last up to 2 weeks at room temperature and even longer if chilled. The variety is harvested twice a year at the maximum production capacity. 70 hectares of rubber plantation has already been transformed into papaya estate and an additional 20 hectares is expected to be added by October 2020.
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