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Shortage in Argentine Squid Catches Drove Prices up in Mar-24

Frozen Squid
Market & Price Trends
Gonzalo Estevez
Published Apr 5, 2024
In Mar-24, there was a significant decrease in Argentinian squid catches, leading to a shortage of products, particularly Jiggers and trawler-sea frozen items. Landfrozen trawler squid supplies are almost nonexistent, with most vessels switching to other species. Despite strong demand, Chinese buyers await the results of their own fleet's catches before finalizing deals. Prices remain at elevated levels, higher than the previous year. Sea-frozen Illex Squid Whole Round (Jigger) (Illex Argentinus) is typically packed in 1 block of approximately 13 kilograms (kg) and has the following prices:
Size SS (100/200g): USD 3.85 to 3.95/kg CFR
Size S (200/300g): USD 4.05 to 4.15/kg CFR
Size M (300/400g): USD 4.05 to 4.15/kg CFR
Size L (400/600g): USD 4.55 to 4.70/kg CFR
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