Asparagus Production In France Decreased

Francois Rotteleur
Published Jun 10, 2022
According to one of the largest producers in France, Priméale, which usually produces around 5,000 mt, only made half as much and had to stop production in many planting areas. In 2022, it was more complicated for French asparagus growers. The reason is a notable lack of consumer demand while production is 10% to 30% lower than in 2021. Among the four main production areas of New Aquitaine, South-East, Anjou, and Alsace, it is the exporting regions (beyond the regional borders) that have suffered the most from this lack of demand.
Asparagus producers so-called MIN Markets (Marché d’Intérêt National), such as Rungis and Perpignan, have seen the price drop in the product for about three weeks. It was due to more supplies from other origins such as Germany, the Netherlands Bas, Belgium, and Spain. A situation amplified by countries like the Netherlands, which preferred to sell at a loss on other markets rather than on their own. This is why at the end of the week at Rungis, the price of a bunch of green asparagus was EUR 1.5 (USD 1.59) and that of white asparagus was EUR 2 (USD 2.13).
The situation is also very complicated for organic asparagus. The lack of consumption also affects this sector, which pushes some producers to sell their organic asparagus on the conventional market. This situation not only caused a great loss in terms of turnover for these asparagus producers but also contributed to the glut of the conventional market.
Faced with the lack of consumption, some producing regions are forced to stop production a fortnight earlier than usual. The South-West and the South-East are currently stopping the harvest. In general, the producers who will have come out of it the best are those who were the earliest in the campaign.
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