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The production volume of the Portuguese chestnuts is higher but the size of the crop is smaller in 2021

Chestnut Kernel
Market & Price Trends
Carlota Lancastre
Published Jan 5, 2022
The harvest campaign for chestnuts in Portugal is from November to December, and the shelf life of chestnuts is three months when stored in a refrigerated room with temperatures between 0ºC-2ºC.

Usually, the big-size chestnuts, accounting for approximately 80% of the entire production of Portuguese chestnuts, have higher prices and are being sold for human consumption. On the other hand, the small-size chestnuts, taking up 20% of the production, are cheaper and mainly sold for industrial use.

Although the production volume of the Portuguese chestnut in 2021 was slightly higher than that of 2020, the average size of the crops in 2021 was smaller, mainly Calibers 65-85. This resulted in less revenue, decreasing by 15%, as a significant amount of the chestnuts was sold for industrial usage.
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