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Chilean Salmon and Trout Exports Show Positive Growth in Volume and Value During the First Half of 2023

Frozen Trout
Carlos Palma
Published Jul 14, 2023
The National Customs Service of Chile reported the export of salmon and trout has exhibited positive figures in both volume and value. In the first half of 2023, 373.73 thousand tons of salmon and trout were exported, amounting to USD 3.30 billion in value, an 2.1% increase in value, and a 2% increase in volume compared to the same period in 2022.
The United States (US) received 127.39 thousand tons of salmonids during the first semester, valued at USD 1.45 billion. Although there was a slight 0.5% decrease in volume, there was a 2% increase in value. Brazil had an increase of 4% in volume and 1% in value, with 64.19 thousand tons exported, amounting to USD 432 million. Russia demonstrated steady growth, with exports reaching 19.58 thousand tons valued at USD 143 million, a 101% increase in shipments, and a 123% increase in value compared to the first half of 2022. Mexico also experienced positive growth, with 10.46 thousand tons of salmon exported for USD 117 million, indicating a 25% increase in value and a 19% increase in volume.
On the other hand, Japan faced challenges, as 58.71 thousand tons of salmon were shipped for USD 457 million, resulting in a decline of 15% in value and 21% in volumes. China maintained its position as the fifth largest destination for Chilean salmon exports, with 18.97 thousand tons exported and a value of USD 139 million. Notably, China saw significant growth, with a 78% increase in volume and a 79% increase in value.
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