On-the-Ground Updates

Dropped Prices of Chinese Shine Muscat Grapes in Vietnamese Market During W20

Logan Pham
Published May 26, 2024
The early arrival of Shine Muscat grapes in the Vietnamese market has garnered significant attention from both consumers and wholesalers. Renowned for their exceptional sweetness and distinctive aroma, the 2024 batches reportedly fall short of these high standards, lacking the typical sweetness and fragrance, according to wholesalers.

The initial wholesale price for these Chinese Shine Muscat grapes in W20 stood at USD 11 per 1.6 kilogram (kg) box. However, by W21, the market saw an influx of additional suppliers, leading to a slight price adjustment. The increased availability resulted in a decrease in the wholesale price to USD 9 per 1.6kg box. This price fluctuation reflects the market's dynamic nature and supply's impact on pricing. Despite the early start and initial quality concerns, the presence of Shine Muscat grapes in the Vietnamese market is expected to attract considerable consumer interest due to the popularity and prestige associated with this grape variety.
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