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Price Difference Between the Current and New Almond Crop Appearing in the US

Raw Almond
Almond Kernel
United States
Price Trend
Sep 6, 2022
Written by
Alex Zeid
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Many US almond producers have pulled away from supporting the 2022 crop materials. There has been some resistance from the North and Central regions of California who are holding back on the new crop. However, the Southern regions continue to participate based on reports of a decent Southern almond crop coming in. The other regions want to see more of the crop before returning to the market. As a result, there has been some new crop firmness with a USD 0.05 p/lbs. increase on W35 prices. At the same time, packers and processors are pushing to get rid of current crop inventories. This has opened up differentials between the new and current crops of USD 0.14-0.15 p/lbs.
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