Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sales in the Polish Wholesale Market in W44 at an Average Volume

Szymon Bury
Published Nov 9, 2022
Polish wholesale market sales experienced a normal sales volume in W44 with an upward trend only on Sunday. Italian grapes of all varieties seem to be the most demanded product, followed by Turkish lemons, and lastly, mandarins of South African origin. As of November 6, prices in the Bronisze Wholesale market are as follows:
USD 18.49-19.35/18kg box Banana, Ecuador origin 
USD 1.40-1.51/kg box of Lemon, Spain origin 
USD 1.16-1.20/kg Lemon, Turkey origin
USD 6.88/4.5kg Cucumber, Spain origin 
USD 1.40/kg Cucumber, Belarus origin
USD 7.10-7.53/4.5kg Cucumber, Greek origin
USD 0.86/kg Cucumber, Albania origin
USD 1.72/kg Cucumber, Poland origin
USD 7.53/5kg Red Bell Pepper, Poland origin
USD 10.32/5kg Red Bell Pepper, Spain Origin
USD 8.17-8.60/6kg Red tomato, Poland origin
USD 13.98/6kg Pink Tomato Extra, Poland origin
USD 6.88/6kg Tomato, Turkey origin
USD 5.38/6kg Tomato, Morocco origin
USD 8.60/6kg Tomato, Poland origin
USD 8.17/6kg Tomato, Spain origin
USD 1.94-2.15/kg Mandarin, South Africa origin
USD 0.22-1.51/kg Mandarin, Spain origin
USD 12.90/8.2kg Grapes White, Italy origin
USD 10.75/8.2kg Grapes Red Globe, Spain origin 
USD 0.86/kg Grapes Black, Moldova origin
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