On-the-Ground Update

Delhi's Onion Market Slows Down Due to G20 Curfew, W36 Prices Across India

Kankana Ghosh
Published Sep 8, 2023
As of September 8th, 2023, the Delhi wholesale onion market has experienced reduced trading activity due to a curfew in Delhi from September 9th to 11th for the 2023 G20 meeting. During W36, fresh onion arrivals include 26 trucks, followed by 37 trucks with new supply and 35 trucks with old supply. The market is expected to exhibit a slow but stable trend in the upcoming week when it reopens after the three-day closure.
Here are the onion prices in various regions:

In the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED), onions are priced between USD 10.36 to 11.57/40kg (INR 860 to 960/40kg), while the price for kilogram stood at USD 0.26 to 0.29/kg. In addition, the National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India Limited (NCCF) priced onions between USD 9.64 to 11.45/40kg (INR 800 to 950/40kg), and USD 0.24 to 0.27/kg. On the other hand, in Pune, onions are priced at USD 0.27 to 0.34/kg (IRN 22.50 to 28/kg). Nashik priced good quality and big-size onions at USD 0.25 to 0.34/kg (INR 21 to 28/kg). Madhya Pradesh (MP) priced onions at USD 0.20 to 0.29/kg (INR 17 to 24/kg). In Maharashtra, good-quality and big sizes are USD 0.21 to 0.30/kg (INR 17.50 to 25/kg), and in Rajasthan, onions are priced at USD 0.23 to 0.29/kg (INR 19 to 24/kg).

In Mumbai, wholesale market prices ranged from USD 6.04 to 27.11/kg (INR 501 to 2,250/quintal). The average prices for mid to good-quality onions are as follows:
In Nashik, USD 0.19 to 0.27/kg (INR 16 to 22.50/kg), Pune priced onions at USD 0.19 to 0.27/kg (INR 16 to 22/kg), and Vashi at USD 0.24 to 0.31/kg (INR 20 to 26/kg).

Additionally, in Chennai, onions are priced at USD 0.30 to 0.34/kg (INR 25 to 28/kg), and in Bangalore, prices range from USD 0.23 to 0.30/kg (INR 19 to 25/kg) depending on quality, size, and color.
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