On-the-Ground Update

Mendoza seeks to secure the arrival of 15K harvesters

Published Sep 28, 2020
Producers are concerned about the impossibility of having temporary harvesters from other provinces to carry out the harvest tasks that come up each spring and summer.
It is estimated that 30% of the personnel needed for these tasks migrate from other provinces, mainly from the north of Argentina.
The transfer between jurisdictions/provinces will be a must, since today, each province has its own transit protocols, which is why the transport of people is very complex. In this sense, it will have to be coordinated at the national level to avoid problems.
Harvesters usually start arriving by the end of October or the beginning of November, which is when the flow begins. January, February, and March are the busiest. Between 12K and 15K harvesters will be required, starting from the first harvests, which usually correspond to garlic and cherry, and ends with grapes, olives, and dried fruits such as walnuts.
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