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As Turkey is a self-sufficient country, there will be no shortage of wheat supply in the domestic market due to the Ukraine crisis

Alper Akkurt
Updated Feb 25, 2022
National Grain Council (UHK) announced that because Turkey is a self-sufficient country, there would be no shortage of wheat supply in the domestic market due to the Ukraine crisis. But when looking at the flow of commodities from Russia and Ukraine, it will act to global trade. World wheat export is 200 million MT on average. About 30% of this export, 60 million MT, is carried out by Russia and Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine realize 1 million 250 thousand MT, which corresponds to 32% of sunflower seed exports, 38 million MT, 19% of corn exports, and 10 million 500 thousand MT, which constitute 31% of barley exports. This region will affect the world markets with its grain export exceeding 120 million MT in total. Therefore, negativity here will directly affect the world markets. The most crucial risk may increase world wheat, barley, corn, and sunflower prices. Russia and Ukraine are two important countries in Turkey's agricultural foreign trade. The crisis, tension, and war here will negatively affect Turkey in terms of imports and exports.
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