On-the-Ground Updates

Peruvian Mango Producers Optimistic About 2024/25 Season Despite Previous Challenges

Jose Torres
Published May 27, 2024
After a chaotic 2023/24 mango season due to El Niño effects, Peruvian mango producers and exporters are now looking towards the future with more optimism regarding mango production. The main reason for this optimism is that since the second half of Apr-24, daily minimum temperatures have been close to historic average levels and even lower. This has created optimal conditions for successful flowering development in the Piura, Motupe, and Casma areas. While it is still too early to precisely estimate the volume per area, this positive development in the phenological cycle is a significant first step towards achieving standard production yields for the 2024/25 season, considering that the atypically high temperatures from the El Niño effect persisted until late Mar-24.
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