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Price Reduction for Vannamei Shrimp Commodity Had a Substantial Effect on Farm Gate Price Increase in Indonesia in W50

Hendri Kurniawan
Updated Dec 12, 2022
In Indonesia, the price reduction in the Vannamei shrimp commodity had a substantial effect. One of the biggest effects is the large number of shrimp farmers who hold the stocking of fry and temporarily stop their shrimp farming business. Shrimp farm-gate prices are currently starting to increase, but even so, this is not significant. The increase in shrimp prices was only around USD 0.064/kg (compared to prices in W48). For size 100, the current farm-gate price in W50 stood at around USD 3.40/kg, while the normal farm-gate price for size 100 is USD 3.83/kg (IDR 60K/kg). The following are the updated Farm-Gate price of Vannamei shrimps:

Size - Price (USD per kg)
40 - USD 4.31/kg
50 - USD 4.11/kg
60 - USD 3.92/kg
70 - USD 3.79/kg
80 - USD 3.66/kg
90 - USD 3.47/kg
100 - USD 3.41/kg
110 - USD 3.21/kg
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