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Segmentation of avocado origins at retail sector

Fresh Avocado
Price Trend
Supply Quality
Nov 26, 2021
Written by
Katsuhito Inakubo
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As heavily dependent on imports, also both familiarity and popularity are fully established, avocado is already having year-round sales at retail sector in Japan. However due to the large dominance and preference for locally-grown fruits or vegetables, avocado is still allocated to one single shelf space, even with wide ranges of origins. Despite limited spaces, avocados of several origins are able to be sold in the same market due to each retailers' approach based on its customer base and preferences. Mass merchandiser prefers products from Mexico, Peru or Chile of smaller size counts to get more competitive unit price, while upper-grade supermarkets focus on large fruits from Australia or New Zealand, by its high-quality at equivalent price level.
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