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Amidst growing ASF cases Germany struggles to control acts of vandalism

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Francielle Rozzatti
Published Jan 8, 2021
Around 480 carcasses tested positive for African Swine Flu (ASF) in Germany out of which 462 were in Brandenburg and 17 in Saxony region along with a suspicious case in Potsdam. Germany's Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, made a request to comply with the measures imposed to contain the disease, which has not yet reached the domestic pig populations. Traps and slaughtering are being used in fenced areas, with the aim of preventing the contact of still healthy animals with contaminated boars.
Despite the effort, some acts of vandalism have taken place with the electric protective fences around the affected areas and the temporary fences have been destroyed by intentional actions. The German government is investigating alleged cases of destruction of the fences. So far, according to Germany, domestic pig stocks are free from ASF.
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