On-the-Ground Update

Chinese Consumers Seek Thai Mandarin Sub-Varieties, Awaiting Negotiations to Expand Export List

Published Nov 8, 2023
Chinese fruit smoothie shops, with 400 branches across China, are seeking Thai mandarins, specifically sub-varieties like Sai Nam Pueng, Bang Mod, and Shogun. These mandarin sub-varieties were developed from the original "Citrus reticulata: mandarin orange" introduced from China to Thailand's Yala province long ago. However, exporting these three sub-varieties to China is not allowed due to Chinese government regulations, which only permit the export of "Citrus reticulata: mandarin orange" and "Citrus Sinensis" from Thailand. To address this, the Thai Department of Agriculture, with the cooperation of the Minister, needs to negotiate with the Chinese government to include "Citrus reticulata: Sai Nam Pueng orange" and "Citrus reticulata Blanco" in the list of permitted oranges for export from Thailand to China. The harvesting season for Sai Nam Pueng oranges runs from December to early March, followed by Shogun oranges from April to June. Bang Mod oranges, also known as "Kheaw Wan" oranges, are cultivated and harvested throughout the year in various regions of Thailand.
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