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Spanish Aledo Grape Price Expected to Rise in the Upcoming Weeks

Fresh Grape
Market & Price Trends
Carlos Iborra
Published Dec 1, 2022
Spanish Aledo grapes harvested in the first week of the 2022/23 season are in demand by consumers despite its normal quality. The Aledo variety is a white grape with seeds and one of the classic varieties from the producing areas of Spain and Italy, with a medium-rounded fruit, a golden colour at its optimum ripening moment, and high sugar levels.

The campaign for this variety typically lasts from November to February, and the main markets are France and Spain in Europe, and Canada due to the demand from the Italian community there. Demand is expected to be high for the next few weeks, which could result in a potential price increase. In W48, grapes were priced at around USD 1.98-2.09/kg EXW Spain. The prices in 2021/22 were higher, but this was due to a very severe shortage due to hail that affected production.
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