On-the-Ground Update

Increasing Duck Egg Prices in Taiwan in W10 Due to a Chicken Egg Shortage

Published Mar 10, 2023
The shortage of chicken eggs in Taiwan has continued in W10. Sales have dramatically increased due to the demand from Taiwanese consumers, including duck eggs and quail eggs. Among them, duck eggs are the most popular, and the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture has confirmed that in addition to chicken eggs, there is also a shortage of duck eggs, which are essential for making rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival. The farm price of duck eggs was USD 1.47/0.6kg (NTD 45/0.6kg), the wholesale price stood at USD 1.80-1.96/0.6kg (NTD 55-60/0.6kg), both prices have increased by USD 0.098/0.6kg (NTD 3/0.6kg) as of March 10, 2023.
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