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The rise of temperatures makes clementines insipid

Fresh Clementine
Environmental Issue
Supply Quality
Jan 14, 2022
Written by
Sandie Vanel
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Global warming has a negative impact on the organoleptic qualities of clementines by as it reduces their acidity grade. This phenomenon has been observed for the past 15 years and is being studied by a research team at the INRAE station in San Giuliano, Corsica. The increase in temperature in autumn, as the light necessary for photosynthesis decreases, leads to an acceleration of the respiration of the fruit. This change in metabolism results in an overconsumption of energy, which forces the fruit to draw on its citric acid reserves. One of the research avenues to avoid this phenomenon is the use of cultivars giving more acidic fruits, but also the cultural practices that influence on the fruit’s acidity and more generally on their quality, namely fertilization, hydric stress, etc.
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