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Vegetable oil production drops by 15% as oilseed imports see a huge decline

Besim Donmez
Updated Oct 7, 2020
Vegetable oil production has decreased by 15% during the first six months of the current fiscal year in Iran. The country production output stands at 810 KMT for the period between March 20-Sept. 21. The main reason behind the production drop is explained by a decline in oilseeds of nearly 51%.
The country's dependency on oilseeds and crude oil imports is about 85% to support vegetable oil production. Iran mainly imports palm oils from Malaysia and Indonesia, soybean oil from Argentina, and sunflower oil from Russia and Ukraine.
The country's crude vegetable oil demand is around 1.6 million tons per year and the domestic consumption stands at 18-19 kg per capita per year.


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