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W36: YoY Comparison of South African Shipped and Packed Citrus Volumes

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Sep 22, 2022
Written by
Elton Greeve
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A YoY comparison of South African citrus packed and shipped by W36 reflects the following for 2021 vs 2022:
Packed: 2021: 17.4m cartons; 2022: 16.5m cartons - 900,000 carton decrease
Shipped: 2021: 17m cartons; 2022: 14.6m cartons - 2.4m carton decrease
Packed: 2021: 29.4m cartons; 2022: 30.5m cartons – 1.1m carton increase
Shipped: 2021: 26.5m cartons; 2022: 29.7m cartons – 3.2m carton increase
Packed: 2021: 30m cartons; 2022: 33.9m cartons - 3.9m carton increase
Shipped: 2021: 28.2m cartons; 2022: 32.6m cartons – 4.4m carton increase
Packed: 2021: 26.6m cartons; 2022: 26.7m cartons - 100 000 carton increase
Shipped: 2021: 24m cartons; 2022: 25.5m cartons – 1.5m carton increase
Packed: 2021: 44m cartons; 2022: 45.6m cartons - 600 000 carton increase
Shipped: 2021: 29.1m cartons; 2022: 37.7m cartons – 8.6m carton increase

Grapefruit packed and exported volumes have decreased in 2022 while all other citrus varieties have increased as of W36. This is despite the new cold treatment regulation imposed by the EU on South African oranges and subsequent logistical obstacles.
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