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Discover comprehensive data and intelligence in food & agriculture

Get access to free and premium data and intelligence in food and agricultural products around the globe to help you make smarter business decisions.

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Access to extensive data in the global food & agriculture industry

Gain access to exclusive data coverage for your well-rounded understanding of products and markets that span across multiple countries.

Useful data designed to help you make informed decisions.


Vast database of useful information related to food & agriculture to help you make well-rounded decisions.


Millions of data points enabling you to make sense of ongoing trends in the market.


Well-structured and organized data allowing you to narrow down options to the essentials.


Data collected from trustworthy sources and systematically validated for absolute reliability and assurance.


Constant monitoring of new and updated information helping you secure the most up-to-date data.


Access to information from local markets through local third parties and our proprietary sources.

Browse Market Intelligence

News & Insights

Explore the insightful content in food and agriculture curated by industry experts

Local News

Stay current on what is happening in food and agriculture worldwide with local news that we collect from over 650 trusted local sources in more than 90 countries around the globe. In total, our local news feature over 300 new updates every day. For your convenience, all original news contents are automatically translated into English.

Local Insights

Get insightful information that can only be found with Tridge’s local insights. Local Insights are original, direct, and valuable pieces of information that our extensive global human network collects from local suppliers, buyers, and government organizations. Our experts’ commentaries contain raw but helpful insider market information.

Tridge Analysis

Explore Tridge’s in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessment of noteworthy global agriculture market events and trending products. Our analysis is developed based on the exhaustive global agriculture news we collect from different sources and on the compiled proprietary market comments collected through our global network. All analysis aims at providing you with valuable insights and actionable bits of advice.

Local News

Get access to the up-to-date local news directly gathered from 170+ markets.

Local Insights

Get insights directly from our local industry experts in 54+ countries.

Tridge Analysis

Get exclusive in-depth analysis of the current market trends.

Analysis & Reports

Get in-depth information about your interested products and markets through data analysis, reports and import guides.

Data Analysis

We produce valuable and reliable analysis of different data sets, including prices, export, import, production, and more. Our quantitative data sets encompass an extensive variety of products and markets related to food and agriculture.

Tridge Reports

Browse and download market reports containing comprehensive and detailed intelligence in the global trade of food and agricultural products. Our reports include information from basic product details, market landscape, export & import trends, market outlook to the latest market developments, and more.

Market Guides

Browse and read our market guides for getting comprehensive knowledge of a product and its markets. Our guide is based on the actual knowledge we experienced in our fulfillment operation through our global network, information gathered from industry experts, and reliable market data we have.

Data Analysis

Get analysis on what is moving the industry based on quantitative market data.

Tridge Reports

Get comprehensive and detailed intelligence in the global trade of food & agriculture.

Market Guides

Get to know your product with hands-on guides based on the intelligence from our fulfillment operation.

Market Data

Get data for domestic prices, export & import, production, seasonality, data insights, and suppliers with our data explorer.

Domestic Price Data

Discover domestic price data of wholesale and farmgate prices. We systematically collect and analyze prices from over 240 trusted sources globally. Our price data are collected both automatically and manually through the use of our technologies and the support of our global human operations.

Trade Data

We provide the latest export & import data of various countries based on the HS code system of 2017 to help you see the global overview of international trades for any products in food and agriculture.

Production Data

Discover the latest world production data of products from all over the globe. We provide information about production volumes of specific products by using the standard FAO codes. With this information, you can see what countries dominate the world’s market and what markets are emerging as the next major producers.

Seasonality Data

Browse harvesting seasons of products and varieties from diverse countries and regions. You can see data for countries currently in season and of upcoming seasons and with this information, you can find the best time to source your products.

Weather Data

Browse weather analytics for businesses in agriculture. Find the regions with normal or abnormal weather conditions while checking detailed rainfall, temperature, NDVI data, and weather alerts for key provinces of the agriculture production.

Domestic Price Data

Discover the domestic price of wholesale and farmgate prices.

Trade Data

Get the latest export & import data of the world based on the HS code system.

Production Data

Get production volume data and producer prices with FAO codes.

Seasonality Data

Browse harvest season of products and their varieties from diverse regions.

Weather Data

Browse weather analytics for businesses in agriculture.
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