Market Data

Get data for domestic prices, export & import, production, seasonality, data analysis, and suppliers with our data explorer.

Domestic Price Data

Discover domestic price data of wholesale and farmgate prices. We systematically collect and analyze prices from over 240 trusted sources globally. Our price data are collected both automatically and manually through the use of our technologies and the support of our global human operations.

Trade Data

We provide the latest export & import data of various countries based on the HS code system of 2017 to help you see the global overview of international trades for any products in food and agriculture.

Production Data

Discover the latest world production data of products from all over the globe. We provide information about production volumes of specific products by using the standard FAO codes. With this information, you can see what countries dominate the world’s market and what markets are emerging as the next major producers.

Seasonality Data

Browse harvesting seasons of products and varieties from diverse countries and regions. You can see data for countries currently in season and of upcoming seasons and with this information, you can find the best time to source your products