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Chilean Avocado Market Guide

Country Specific
Sep 10, 2021
Edited by
Seujin Jang
HS Code: 080440 - Fruit, edible; avocados, fresh or dried
FAO Code: 0572 - Avocados
Share in Export
≈ 4.42%Rank 5
Share in Import
≈ 0.61%Rank 23
Share in Production
Export Volume
1Y ≈ -20.19%
Import Volume
1Y ≈ 59.49%

Market Outlook

What Is the General Market Landscape for Avocados?

Global Market

  • Global Market Size: 6.58 B (2020)
  • 235% Increase (Over the last 10 years, 2011 vs 2020)
  • 51% increase (Over the last 5 years, 2016 vs 2020)

Avocado Export Markets (2020)

  • Mexico 2.74 B
  • Peru: 759 M
  • Spain: 442 M
  • Chile: 219 M (Normally 300 M)
  • Kenya: 169 M
  • US: 164 M
  • Columbia: 146 M

Avocado Import Markets (2020)

  • EU: 72.4%
  • LATAM: 11.6%
  • Asia: 8.6%
  • North America: 7.4%

Trends and Characteristics

  • In 2020, Production / Export levels were the lowest due to the climate issues
  • Dominated by a few key players in the market, 80% big players vs 20% small/medium players
  • A saturated supply market as the large players only get larger
  • With Chile's domestic consumption increasing significantly, Chilean suppliers are showing a growing preference towards supplying to the domestic market
Fresh Avocado

What Are Production and Export Trends for Chilean Avocados?

MY 2019/2020

  • Chile exported 133K mt of Avocados
  • 8 Companies exported 110K tons of the total 133k mt, which is more than 80%. As seen, these exports were heavily dominated by a few players

MY 2020/2021 (2020 Aug – 2021 Feb)

  • This Marketing Year recorded a historic low in production and export volumes due to heavy drought
  • The Peruvian and Colombian Avocado market took market share from that of Chile's

MY 2021/2022

  • Production: Set to be higher than that of the previous year. It remains uncertain, however, whether it will recover to previous production levels 
  • Chilean Avocado Production estimates are particularly difficult to achieve, due to the fact that most avocado-producing orchards exist in hills. The great variability of hill structure and compositions, compounded by uneven topography make estimations difficult to perform
  • Markets are more stable than last year, and internal consumption has grown significantly, which is set to put minimal pressure on exports
  • It is worth noting that growers are making more money selling in the domestic market rather than exporting abroad
  • Positive import trends will remain in China. Chinese buyers have demonstrated their willingness to pay high prices for Chilean avocados given the particular oily quality that Chilean avocados possess, as opposed to other avocados like Peruvian avocados. For instance, in September 2021, a Chinese buyer paid for Chilean avocados, at the rate of USD 10/kg
Fresh Avocado

What Are the Potential Markets for Chilean Avocados?

The UK Is Ranked 2nd in Chile Hass Avocado Export

  • In 2020, the UK imported a total of 122,298 mt Avocados from countries including Peru, Chile, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Colombia, etc.
  • The UK is seen to be one of the most profitable markets for Avocado, given its increasing consumption trend relative to its population of 67.22 million (2020)
Fresh Avocado
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