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Spanish Mango Guide

Country Specific
Oct 21, 2021
Edited by
Roy Park
HS Code: 080450 - Fruit, edible; guavas, mangoes and mangosteens, fresh or dried
FAO Code: 0571 - Mangoes, mangosteens, guavas
Share in Export
≈ 3.12%Rank 9
Share in Import
≈ 3%Rank 9
Share in Production
Export Volume
1Y ≈ 19.6%
Import Volume
1Y ≈ 9.23%

Market outlook

What are potential markets for Spain mangoes?

France is a notable market for Spain's mango exports.

Fresh Mango

What are trends in consumer preference?

-Consumers tend to rely on color, size, overall appearance, and pricing as the important purchasing factors.

-Taste is also an important factor, but this can only be assessed after the fruit has been purchase and becomes more significant in the decision to repurchase the same mango or switch to a different one.

-Consumers prefer less fibrous flesh for the mango. (ex: Osteen and Kent variety)

-Ordinary consumers have difficulty assessing a mango if it is ripe or not so they entirely rely on visual cues to judge. Mangoes that are not red, orange or yellowish are seen as unripe and tend to sell less. Trends also point to a bigger sale for brightly colored mangoes that taste mildly over mangoes that are greenish or darker in color but taste sweeter. (source: CBI Market: EU market for Mango)

-Peeling is also growing as an important trend. Peeling mango is seen as a bothersome task and there is a growing preference for ready-to-eat sliced mangoes

-Organic fresh fruits are fast becoming a trend and there is an increasing interest in products sourced outside the EU that are fair-trade certified and sustainably produced.

*Mangoes that are exclusively produced in Spain, relatively less fibrous and sweet and most of all produced within the EU which meets most of the major requirements in EU, gives Spanish mangoes a competitive advantage over other imported mangoes.   

Fresh Mango

What is the production trend?

-From the onset of export back in 2010 the production of Spanish mangoes has seen a dramatic growth.

-The short season fits perfectly well in the import supply schedule of mangoes for the EU. supplying in the months where most other sources of mangoes are in decline.

-However, this limited period of availability has a major disadvantage of limited sales window, not to mention the highly volatile production volume of mangoes. 

Fresh Mango
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