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How is QC (quality check) facilitated for Pakistani turmeric?

By Youngwoo Lee
Updated Oct 21, 2021
The quality check process involves metal detectors and extra processing. The quality checking is done at the production stage by the supplier, before being checked by the government for the Phyto certificate.

The main quality-related issues are Foreign matter and metallic materials. When harvesting turmeric, metallic materials are produced naturally and have to sort these materials in the processing stage. To sort out the non-edible materials, turmeric goes through metal detectors and extra processing. However, it is hard to check all the quality-related issues with the site visit since every batch is different and hard to check every single batch.

Quality checking is done at the production stage (production facilities) by the supplier and then by the govt at the shipping time when issuing a certificate of origin and phytosanitary certificate. A third-party inspection is also an option.

In terms of responsibility, the exporters are responsive and offer after-sales service mostly. If there is an issue, it is agreed to adjust it in the next shipment. The supplier does not take responsibility once the product arrives in the buyer’s country. We do our inspection at the time of shipment to ensure everything is aligned as well.

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