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Describe the supply chain of Pakistan tumeric.

By Youngwoo Lee
Updated Oct 21, 2021
The supply chain of turmeric in Pakistan starts from farmer to processor or exporter. If the product is sold domestically, the flow would be farmer, processor, wholesale market, and retail store.

The industry value chain flows from farmer to processor/exporter. Some suppliers have integrated processing facilities. They grow turmeric on their own farms and source from local farmers, then they process it at their plant and store it in their controlled atmosphere facility and then export it to different countries. When the product goes to the domestic market, the value chain will be "Farmer -> Processors -> Wholesale market(and packing for the domestic market) -> retail store." There are big players(processors and exporters) that have a huge influence over other suppliers.

In addition to processing, once Tumeric is harvested, processors procure turmeric from farmers and transfer it to processing facilities(washing, storing) and then go to the packing facility. In general, Farmers do not have their own packing facilities but exporters mostly do have their own packing facilities.

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