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How Is Cashew Collected in Ghana?

Raw Cashew Nut
Cashew Nut Kernel
Jinwoo Cheon
Updated Aug 18, 2022
Farmers in Ghana collect the cashew nuts, which are bought by production companies and stored in warehouses equipped with drying and packing equipment for maintenance and quick processing of the nuts intended for exports.

Farmers collect the nuts. Big farms hire  people from the local area to do the picking of the nuts. They pay them per kilo picked – for every 10 kilos they collect, they give them the value of one kilogram. Agents from produce buying companies such as Olam buy it from them. The nuts are stored in warehouses owned by the production companies. The warehouses are equipped with drying and packing equipment to allow for the maintenance of the nuts and quick processing for export to customers outside Ghana.

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