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What Factors Affect Onion Prices?

Fresh Onion
By Jinwoo Cheon
Updated Oct 19, 2022
FAO listed some common factors that can affect onion prices, such as handling cost, refrigerated storage cost, shipping cost, labor cost, and packing materials. Onion exporter union, technological factors, and climate conditions can also influence the price.

According to the FAO, here’s the list of the factors that tend to be the most responsible for price changes:

- Handling cost

- Refrigerated storage cost

- Shipping cost

- Labor cost and packing materials

- Input costs: labor, mechanization, fertilizer, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fuel, and electricity

- Yield quantity

- Onion exporter union

- Price of the goods/products on the market

- Technological factors

- Climate condition

- Storage possibilities

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