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What Are the Common Types of Mexican Mango?

Fresh Mango
Jinwoo Cheon
Updated Aug 30, 2022
Some common types of mangoes include Honey(Ataulfo), Francis, Haden, Keitt, Kent and Tommy Atkins.
The main mango varieties in Mexico are Kent, Ataulfo, Tommy Atkins, Haden, Manila, and Keith. Below is a description of commonly produced mango varieties in the world: 
  • Honey (Ataulfo): The flavor profile of honey mangoes is sweet and sour with tropical fruit notes. Honey mangoes have a very small seed, so there is a high flesh-to-seed ratio. The color is vibrant yellow and the shape is small and flattened like an oblong shape. The primary sourcing countries are Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil, and peak availability is from March to July.
  • Francis: The flavor profile of Francis is sweet and fruity. Francis mangoes grow on small farms throughout Haiti and are also sourced from Ecuador. The Francis variety is bright yellow in color with green overtones. They are oblong-shaped and peak in availability between May to June.
  • Haden: The Haden mango is sweet and sour with a slight, bitter aftertaste of tropical fruit. The flesh is firm due to the fine fibers and the variety comes in medium to large sizes. The primary sourcing countries include Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru, and peak availability is from March to May.
  • Keitt: The Keitt mango is sweet and fruity with notes of citrus. Keitt mangoes are popular in Asian culture, where they are enjoyed in their mature-green stage. This variety is primarily sourced from Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, and the U.S., peaking in availability between March to April as well as August to September.
  • Kent: Kent mangoes are sweet with hints of sour notes and are characteristic for their peach and tropical aroma. The Kent variety originated in Florida in the 1940s and is ideal for juicing and/or drying. Ripening cues of the Kent include yellow undertones or dots that cover more of the mango over time.
  • Tommy Atkins: Tommy Atkins is tart with sweet, tropical, and citrus flavors originating from Florida. The Tommy Atkins is the most widely grown commercial type coming into the U.S. This variety is known for its dark red blush hue and oblong shape. They are primarily sourced in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, and Guatemala while peaking in availability between March and July. 

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