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What are the common varieties of bell pepper?

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Key varieties
Sep 29, 2021
Edited By
Jinwoo Cheon
Sep 29, 2021
Edited By
Jinwoo Cheon
Common varieties of bell pepper include Cherry peppers, Cubanelle peppers, Green bell peppers, Italian frying peppers, Orange bell peppers, Purple bell peppers, Red bell peppers, Roasting pimentos and Yellow bell peppers.

Bell peppers don't come in just red and green anymore - yellow, orange, and even purple bell peppers are fairly commonplace.

  • Cherry Peppers - Sweet cherry peppers can be a bit spicy, which are mainly sweet little nuggets that taste like the appearance: condensed red peppers. The peppers are tasty raw as a poppy little snack. It is also good in salads or pickled.
  • Cubanelle Peppers - These long, thin peppers are a pale yellow-green when first grown but will darken and then turn red if left to fully ripen. Most are sold in the unripe state and used chopped as an aromatic for other dishes, or roasted and stuffed.
  • Green Bell Peppers - These are the peppers we, and so many others, grew up with, are grassy in flavor and super-crunchy in texture.
  • Italian Frying Peppers - These skinny, mild peppers are best when either sliced long and thin or chopped up and gently fried in olive oil.
  • Orange Bell Peppers - Like the sunny brethren, the yellow bell peppers, orange bell peppers are a bit less flavorful than red bell peppers but sweet.
  • Purple Bell Peppers - Purple bell peppers are less sweet than red, orange, or yellow bell peppers, but are definitely sweeter than green ones.
  • Red Bell Peppers - These are the most popular sweet peppers. Red peppers have a less grassy flavor than most peppers.
  • Roasting Pimentos (Pimentos) - Roasting pimentos are best for roasting, which tend to have a high sugar level, and roasting brings out the deep sweetness and silky smoothness.
  • Yellow Bell Peppers - Yellow peppers can be used much like red or orange peppers, which are similarly sweet but have a milder taste. 

Source: Types of Sweet Peppers

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