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What factors can affect the quality of sweet potatoes?

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Production Quality
Oct 20, 2021
Edited By
Jinwoo Cheon
Oct 20, 2021
Edited By
Jinwoo Cheon
The factors that can affect the quality of sweet potatoes are insect infestation, diseases, physical and pest damage, skin marks, physical disorder, and temperature injury.
  • Live insects or insect infestation: if sweet potatoes are not packed with betel, insects will come in and ruin the sweet potatoes and affect the sugary quality
  • Disease: fungal or bacterial rots (e.g., Rhizopus rots, Erwinia, black rot)
  • Physical and pest damage: holes or splits from physical or pest damage (e.g., tunneling from weevils) or cracks or badly disfigured tubers (nematode damage)
  • Physical defect: growth cracks (moisture extremes), excessive veining, or a dry or woody fibrous core separating from the flesh (hardcore), skin marks with deep-seated bruises
  • Temperature Injury: 
    • Internal discoloration, softening, or breakdown (chilling injury)
    • Sprouting, stem end deterioration or softening (high humidity and temperature damage during specific growing periods)
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