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What is the general harvesting season for sweet potatoes?

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Production Seasonality
Oct 20, 2021
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Jinwoo Cheon
Oct 20, 2021
Edited By
Jinwoo Cheon
In 2020, the harvesting season of sweet potatoes in Egypt, Australia, and Argentina started in December. The table below displays the seasonality calendar within some countries.

In December 2020, Egypt, Australia, and Argentina are currently in season.


The North of Vietnam, on the other hand, has a monsoonal climate with a cold winter from November to February. Therefore, typically there are three main production seasons for sweet potato in this season: 1) Winter-Spring season with plantation time from November - December and harvesting time from April - May next year; 2) Winter season with plantation time from September - October and harvesting time from January - February next year and 3) Spring season with plantation time from February - March and harvesting time from June - July.


Sweet potatoes can be grown throughout the year, but drought can be avoided if farmers want to reduce their losses because every time, drought is reduced by 30% if not supplied enough water.


Sweet potato is usually planted at the beginning of the rainy season (June - November). But for areas with no distinct wet and dry season and having evenly distributed rainfall, the sweet potato could be planted any time of the year.

[United States]

The production of sweet potatoes in the US also occurs during the dormant season in Louisiana from July to October (Stark, 2019).


  • Sweet Potato in Uganda is grown year-round in the equatorial region. It is cultivated during the first rainy season from March to June.
  • Sweet Potato is also grown during the second rainy season, which occurs from August to November.
  • Sweet Potato is planted at the beginning of the rainy season and cultivated further into the dry season as possible in the country’s northern regions further from the equator.
  • Peak harvest periods of Sweet Potatoes have been identified to be in September to November, and scarcity being the months of February to June.
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