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Who are Ecuador's main trade partners for shrimp?

Frozen Common Shrimp & Prawn
By Jinwoo Cheon
Updated Aug 3, 2022
Ecuador mainly traded with the United States in 2019. Chile followed in the second position, mostly trading fruits. The chart below displays the main trade partners of Ecuador in more detail.

According to 2019 Tridge’s statistics, the United States remains as Ecuador’s main trade partner representing an export value of USD 7.3B. The main products exported to this country are shrimp & prawns, tropical fruits, and fish (especially tuna).

In 2nd place stands Ecuador’s strongest South American export partner, Chile, with an export value of USD 1.6B. This value is mainly composed of fruits.

The Russian Federation holds 3rd place as an Ecuador main trade partner and the principal destination for Ecuadorian bananas. Russia represents USD 1.3B of Ecuador’s export value, bananas export value is worth USD 1.1B of the whole share.


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