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The walnut market is steadily on an increasing trend, with the US in the lead. China's dominance in walnut production is a relatively new trend, while longstanding importer, Europe still is on the top of global imports. This report addresses an overview of the global walnut market landscape, including production & exports, consumption, and imports. Emphasis is on key global players including the US and China.

Table of contents

Part I - Product Information

Part II - Major Varieties 

Part III - Grades and Standards

3.1 Trade Regulations

Part IV - Global Market Dynamics

4.1 Production

4.2 Exports

4.3 Imports

4.4 Consumption

Part V - Country Profile/Developments 

5.1 The US

5.2 China

5.3 The US Trade Wars and Chile, a Rising Sourcing Destination

Part VI - Sources

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