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Supplier Directory
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Supplier Directory

Start communications with thousands of suppliers and find potential business partners.

This plan offers you complete access to supplier information, and you can directly contact suppliers to build new business relationships.


For business to start exploring suppliers in our directory
Supplier browsing
Basic access to supplier information
Up to 3 users

Supplier Directory Plan

For business to start communicating with suppliers and source products that they need
per quarter (USD)
Everything in Basic Plan
Full access to supplier information
Can send up to 3 inquiries to any suppliers per day. One inquiry can be sent to up to 100 suppliers.
Can save suppliers to your own lists
Up to 10 users

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to see company names and details of some suppliers. How will I be able to get full access and how can I communicate with suppliers?
To have full access to supplier profiles and to send inquiries to suppliers, please upgrade to the Supplier Directory Plan. You may upgrade the plan on the pricing page above.
With the Basic Plan, buyers have limited access to supplier profiles. This means that they would only be able to see full profiles of suppliers on promotion and that they would not be able to contact any supplier nor make an inquiry.
Supplier Directory Plan buyers can fully access supplier profiles with a communication feature. This means that they can browse all suppliers who are selling their required products and contact the suppliers directly.
What is the ‘inquiry’ and communication feature specifically?
Buyers can communicate with suppliers by sending an inquiry for their required products. Each inquiry is on one product(e.g. Dried Apple). For an inquiry, buyers select suppliers and fill out an inquired product name, product category, tentative purchasing volume, destination country, requirements, and remarks. The inquiry is sent to the selected suppliers with the buyer’s company profile, which includes country, business type, year established, number of employees, website, and company description, to inform suppliers of their potential business partners.
Are there any limitations to the number of inquiries that I can make?
Supplier Directory Plan buyers are able to contact up to 100 suppliers with each inquiry. 3 inquiries can be created every day during the Supplier Directory Plan period.
Will I be guaranteed to find a supplier for the product that I need?
We recommend that you browse our Supplier Directory to check whether suppliers in the list offer the product you need. We can guarantee that you will be able to make inquiries to the suppliers that you have browsed and connect you to the suppliers and we provide an extensive directory of suppliers for you to find your next potential business partners. As of now, we have 44,000 verified suppliers from 43 countries and have 5,000 product coverage.
Is this a firm offer for products in the Supplier Directory?
The price shown in the Supplier Directory is indicative, thus the offer may depend on various factors such as the quantity of a product, the relationship between a supplier and a buyer, a supplier’s price competitiveness in the Supply Directory, or a supplier’s willingness to negotiate. A Supplier Directory plan buyer can initiate communication with a supplier to discuss price by sending an inquiry.
I have a question on payment methods.
Card payment methods:
We accept both credit cards and debit cards(as long as your card allows online payments). If you would like to pay by bank transfers, please leave an inquiry in the livechat in the lower right corner.
I don’t have a credit card/debit card. How can I make a payment?
Please leave an inquiry in the livechat for bank wire payments.
I have a question regarding payment management.
How can I change my payment from quarterly to yearly / yearly to quarterly?
Please leave an inquiry in the livechat in order to make such changes.
How can I change my credit card details?
We will provide you with a secured link, the provided link to change your card details has an expiration. Kindly let us know when is the best time to send you the link.
How can I cancel my plan?
Canceling plans is possible, however, the plan cannot come to effect directly on the day that you make the cancellation and your plan will continue for the remaining days of the current period that the payment was already made for. After you make a cancellation, the payment for the next period will not be made.