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Supplier Solution

Show your business to thousands of buyers and find potential business partners.


For a business wanting to list its company profile and products on Tridge
Your company profile and product page
Unlimited offer campaigns
Unlimited access to buyer inquiry

Enterprise Plan

Supplier Solution

For a business looking to reach thousands of B2B buyers in the food and agriculture industry
Everything in Basic Plan
Direct exposure to over 400,000+ monthly users through banner advertisements
Be featured in the Tridge newsletter with 1,000,000+ monthly deliveries
Variety of unique advertisement spaces curated according to business goals
Professional design team for customized content creation

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Basic Plan
Enterprise Plan
Supplier Solution
Company name exposure
Profile contents exposure
Premium badge
Buyer Connection
Unlimited inquiry access
Tridge website banner advertisement
Newsletter banner advertisement
Search results banner advertisement
Guaranteed top ranking

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a spot for the banner advertisement?
There is a limited number of banners that are posted on Tridge website and newsletter. Banners are reserved on a monthly basis. Please contact sales for more information.
Should I design the advertisement banner by myself?
No, our professional designers will create banners for your company, accommodating your requirements.
What exactly is “inquiry?” Will I receive a buyer inquiry?
Buyers can choose suppliers to send an inquiry to. The more attractive the supplier profile is, the more chance a supplier is to receive an inquiry. When a buyer sends an inquiry on a product that you sell, the buyer may or may not select your company, depending on the quality of your profile and the specifications of your product.
What are the factors that affect the listing order in Supplier Directory?
Supplier Score: The higher your Supplier Score is, the more likely your company will be listed above other suppliers. To increase your Supplier Score, fill in more details in your profile.
Enterprise Plan: Enterprise Plan suppliers receive a higher score for the listing order in general. Enterprise Plan suppliers may also additionally purchase one of the top 5 positions on the Supplier Directory browse page for guaranteed top ranking regardless of their supplier score.
What is the difference between “Supplier Solution” above and “Intelligence Solution” of the Enterprise Plan?
Enterprise Plan consists of “Supplier Solution” and “Intelligence Solution”. Both solutions are selectable and customizable for Enterprise Plan users, so please contact sales for more information.
Supplier Solution provides a variety of advertising options to increase exposure of your product or company on the Supplier Directory of The advertising options include banner ads on the main page, newsletter banner ads, search results banner ads, and top guaranteed ranking spots. Increasing your exposure may increase your chance of receiving buyer inquiries and finding new business partners. Please contact the sales team for bundle options that are customized to specific needs.
Intelligence Solution provides the most extensive agricultural market data on wholesale price, trade, production, seasonality, and weather data. You will get access to all content, including local news, local insights, and Tridge analysis. For more information, please contact us or refer to here:
What is the general price of advertising?
We have a wide range of services, so price ranges as well. Please contact sales for more detailed information.
I have a question about the payment method.
We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. Your card should allow online payments.
I have a question regarding plan management.
A staff is assigned to each Enterprise Plan user. You can ask questions regarding Enterprise Plan to the staff assigned to you.