We produce catfish through earthen pond and concrete pond farming, they are reared to 300 grams to 1kg then it is harvested, washed with salt and water to get off slime, further brined and the intestines removed. They are hygenically kept to avoid dirt and flies, they are then oven dried and transfered to our cleaning unit where they are cleaned and packed. After packaging, they are send to the supermarket and other distribution channels
Best Quality. High Quality. Mature Quality. Commercial
0.7-0.8 kg. ≥1 kg. Quintal. Size: 9. Size: 3. Size: 2. Size: 1. Small. Big. Large. Medium
Grilled. Dried - Semi Dried. Dried. Smoked
Polystyrene Box (10kg). Carton Box (20kg). Carton Box (15kg). Jute Bag (50kg). Jute Bag (25kg). PP Bags (50kg). PP Bags (45kg). PP Bags (40kg). PP Bags (30kg). PP Bags (25kg)
With Bone. Boneless
+ 9

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