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PT. Pusaka Dominari Global was established in 2022. The company is based in Indonesia. They offer Rice Husk and Rice Bran. Its production capacity of Rice Husk is up to 40,000 metric ton / Monthly while the company also export around 2,000 metric ton / Weekly.

Company Story

Our company stands based on the unrest we feel when we see farmers living below the poverty line, and the lack of insight and utilization of agricultural products, especially rice, which has only been used by rice and has been less maximized.

So we work with local youth and community elements to better utilize existing natural resources. In order to be able to take advantage of agricultural products and have more selling value by conducting training on making products that have high quality, where we use bran or rice husks which have only been used as a base in livestock pens owned by residents or even only considered waste.

Therefore, we process the waste into products that have a selling value, including we process rice husks into animal feed, vegetable and animal organic fertilizers, Mmedia planting raw husks, and our flagship product grilled rice husks.

Vision and mission Our vision is '' towards infinity and beyond it '' Our mission is to expand and master the market with high-quality local products.

With this, we hope that we can reduce the unemployment rate and change people's mindset that existing local products can exceed the limits of stigma and dominate the global market.

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Rice husk charcoal
Rice husk charcoal
Husk charcoal or burnt husk can be used as a planting medium, both pure planting media, hydroponic planting media, and soil-based planting media mixtures. The content contained in husk charcoal is very beneficial for plant growth, including SiO2 (52%), C (31%), Fe2O3, K2O, MgO, CaO, MnO, and Cu although in small quantities.
Rice husk ash
Rice husk ash
Rice husk ash (ASP) is a waste material from rice that has special properties, namely containing chemical compounds that can be pozolan, namely containing silica (SiO2), a compound that when mixed with cement and water can be used to increase the compressive strength and tensile strength of concrete.
Rice bran for animal feed
Rice bran for animal feed
rice bran is a by-product of the rice milling process, it can be used as a constituent ingredient for poultry rations because it has a fairly high content of feed substances. Fine bran in general has a NUTRITIONAL content of 86.5% dry matter, 8.7% ash, 10.8% crude protein, 11.5% crude fiber, 5.1% fat, 50.4% no nitrogen extract (BETN), 0.2% calcium and 2.5% phosphorus.
Rice hulls/Raw rice husk
Rice hulls/Raw rice husk
Raw rice husks are a commonly used material for mixing planting media. Usually used for a mixture of planting media materials for flowers, fruit plants, and vegetable crops. Of course, raw rice husks are good to use. Raw rice husks also contain several important elements including water content of 9.02%, crude protein 3.03%, fat 1.18%, crude fiber 35.68%, ash 17.17%, basic carbohydrates 33.71%.


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