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Extensive Network of Local Experts

We operate a global network of local experts who help us gain deep access to market-specific data, local suppliers and more. This global network is the cornerstone of every we do, and it is how we deliver values to our buyers.
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Network Advantages

How our global network add values to buyers

We assemble knowledge, skills, connections of local experts from multiple countries around the globe in order to help our buyers succeed and to serve as the pillars of our business. Here are some of the ways of our network delivers values.
Knowledge contribution
We constantly assemble the knowledge of local people about food & agriculture, and turn them into meaningful pieces of information. Thereby, helping our buyers benefits from them.
Market research
When it comes to specialized topics, we seek help from people within our network to conduct research on specific areas helping us obtain necessary information, directly from local sources.
Price & trend report
Over the past years, we have built a network of not only human, but also machines for systematic collection of price data and trendspotting. Such data help our buyers stay on top of the ever-changing global market.
Supplier identification
There are countless suppliers yet to be discovered around the globe. With the help of our local people, we are able to discover new suppliers as well as untapped business opportunities for our buyers.
Supplier validation
Again, with the help of our network, we are able to confidently verify suppliers using various methods such as visiting their facilities, conducting background research with local authorities, and so on.
Supplier onboarding
After identifying and validating suppliers, in some cases, we employ our people to help them learn about the benefits and get onboarded, making them ready to start doing business with the buyers on our platform.
Supplier engagement
Occasionally, we also employ our local experts to help us communicate and engage with local suppliers serving as the bridge for between Tridge, buyers, and suppliers.
On-demand projects
From time to time, we also engage our local experts in special projects with an aim to improve our services and provide more values to our buyers.
Expert Contributions

Contributions by local experts, helping our buyers succeed.

We seek contributions from our experts on a regular basis. Their contributions add up to our global intellgence database and network of suppliers, providing invaluable benefits to our global buyers as a result.
Intelligence Contribution
What are the unique competitive advantages of South Africa when it comes to Pear production?
- The South African industry’s export operations and leading players who account for approximately 80% of the overall exports are well established.
- An efficient export infrastructure exists and market access has been improved.
- The South African pear industry is known for its excellent overall quality for fruit, and therefore has a strong reputation in major international markets.
- There are sound communication mechanisms to the majority of industrial participants.
- There is a high level of investment in current technology within pack houses and cold chain facilities.
- The South African Pear Industry has all traceability systems in place, as required by accreditation protocols.
People in Our Network

Our featured local experts

We carefully select local experts to join our global network. They come from a wide variety of background and possess different knowledge as well skill sets allowing us to be on track towards revolutinizing global trading of food & agriculture. Here are some of them.
Bartek Pietruszewski
Bartek has professional experience of 10 years in the marketing companies where he was responsible for creating and launching campaigns, market analyses, and client service, mostly for the clients from the petrol, food and banking sector. He also worked for international software companies, which he represented on the Polish market. Bartek's main responsibilities included sales, business growth, and product development.
"I joined Tridge because I see a great potential of the platform, especially on the Polish market. I am convinced it will connect many Polish suppliers and buyers to the international network and support them in growing their business."
Ambra Buonomo
Ambra has extensive experience in project management and a strong sales record, having negotiated large deals through her career. After a degree in Business Economic acquired in Italy, Ambra moved to the Netherlands where she worked for several major international companies, acquiring a deep knowledge and achieving a successful experience in the online trade industry for the last decade. Ambra has professional skills in identifying new business opportunities, leading an effective sales cycle and market penetration strategies.
"As the digital technology environment is evolving quickly, Tridge is definitely the fastest and easiest way to support our partners to extend their business globally."
Adan Rodriguez Martinez
Adan is a professional with four years of experience working in the technology and agricultural industries in the UK, Mexico, and Spain. As a previous Foreign Trade Analyst at the Mexican Ministry of Economy, Adan worked directly with the regional director of the southern office. His responsibilities included consulting companies in his region and helping them develop export strategies, find potential markets for their products and services and assisting them with the export procedures.
"We are quickly approaching an exciting new era of frictionless global trade and I look forward to a future where trading agricultural goods is as easy as buying fruit from your local shop."
Join us as a local expert. Help us revolutionize global trades.
If you are knowledgeable in food & agriculture or have the skill sets that we are looking for, we would like to welcome you to apply to become our local expert to start contributing to our thriving community. Join us on our mission to take global trades of food & agriculture to the next level.

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