1st ten days of April: Kazakhstan has good conditions for the growth and development of winter grain crops

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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In early April, Kazakhstan's south and southeast regions experienced favorable weather, with temperatures reaching 20-23°C, beneficial for winter grain crops. The health and development of winter crops, particularly winter wheat, are reported to be good, with successful tillering and growth stages observed. Spring barley sowing has commenced with positive plant conditions, and early spring crops are showing signs of grain germination. Additionally, orchards are in bloom, and there's active vegetation of alfalfa, clover, and sainfoin in the southern areas, marking a promising start to the agricultural season.
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In the first ten days of April in the south and southeast of Kazakhstan, in areas where winter grain crops are cultivated, an increase in daytime air temperature to plus 20-23°C was observed, which was favorable for the resumption of vegetation, growth and development of winter crops. The condition of winter crops is good. This is stated in the agrometeorological review of the RSE “Kazhydromet”. According to weather forecasters, in the observed areas in the Almaty region, the condition of winter wheat is generally good. Tillering and exit into the tube are observed. The height of the plants reaches 9-19 cm, the average number of plants per square meter was 189-265 pieces. In Zhambyl and Zhetysu regions, in the observed areas, the condition of winter wheat is generally good, the development phase of the “3rd leaf” is “tillering”. The average height of plants reaches 9-20 cm, the average number of plants per square meter was 82-93 pcs., in the vicinity of the Sarkand weather ...
Source: Agrosektor
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